Our Beers

“Beauty lies in the eye of the beer holder”

From established world recognized brands to niche micro brewery products, Spinneys offers a range of beers to satisfy all tastes and suit all occasions. With an unparalleled selection of countries, brewing styles and sizes there is something for everyone.

In tandem with our partner Sirocco, Spinneys aims to bring you the best global promotions when you visit one of our retail stores or when visiting bars in town. Through our world renowned brands we are able to deliver brand activation that encompasses both local ( TASTE Abu Dhabi, Music Concerts, Oktoberfest ) and international ( HSBC Golf Championships, Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix, Volvo Ocean Race) events.

With a ever-expanding list of products in the beer category we look to satisfy the needs of all our customers and keep up with international trends.