Liquor License

We at Spinneys can help you obtain your liquor license :

A new system has been introduced by the Special License Authority for obtaining a liquor licence which means it can now be done online quickly and simply.

It is also now free for you.

1. Simply visit
2. Complete the online application, selecting the most convenient Spinneys Store
as your pick up location.
3. Once approved, you may collect your license from the spinneys shop that you had
selected .
4. Start shopping at Spinneys ! You don’t need to wait until your old licence expires
to apply for this licence.

Required Documents.

• One (2.5 x3.5) photos
• salary certificate in Arabic or English
• Colour copy of passport and residence visa
• A religion letter stamped by your embassy for Arabs and Asians who originate
from Muslim countries* (not needed for a renewal if you return your original
alcohol license).

Please visit any of our Spinneys Beverage Store near to you and our Manager will be more than happy to assist you with the requirements